Mission Statement: African Aid Initiative delivers immediate philanthropic support and equips vulnerable populations by providing opportunities to be self-sufficient. We embrace philosophy that emphases a positive and holistic approach of aiding, empowerment, encouragement and education.

America Program: One of many noble visions of African Aid Initiative is to help immigrants and refugees communities acclimate into American culture and be productive member of the society. The NGO in partnership with other institutions will provides outreach programs such as:

Information Disseminations: African Aid Initiative disseminates crucial information to refugees and immigrants. These help refugees and immigrants to navigate the complex American social services system.

Translation/Interpretations: The NGO currently provides free translations and interpretations in few languages but the NGO is determined to increase the number of languages.

Mobilizations: Work towards holistic development of refugees, particularly youth and young teenagers in difficult circumstances. African Aid Initiative attempts to increase awareness creation and community mobilization to overcome prevailing problems.

Case Management: Helps filling forms for benefits, employment applications, résumé writing, immigration petitions forms, school enrollment and general case management.

Human Rights/Women Empowerment: Advocate for human and refugee rights, using legal available petitions to promote human rights, dignity and welfare.

African Aid Initiative promotes gender equality, and women empowerment. The NGO is committed reducing gender based violence.

Youth and Sport: To minimize the youth vulnerabilities and dependency by promoting favorite refugee sports and cultural sports. The program is aimed to prevent extremisms and child soldier.

Africa Program: The NGO in partnership with donors and good Samarians continues to provide urgent humanitarian aid to internally displace and at risk populations. The NGO provides the following primary needs:

Food Security- the NGO strives to develop food security measures and empower local communities to overcome hungers and hunger related challenges by educating and aiding. African Aid Initiative works with small scale and limited resource farmers by providing technical assistance and trainings to assure that local communities have regularly available supplies of fresh, affordable, locally produced food.

Financial Literacy: We utilize multiple approaches to provide ongoing financial literacy trainings. This allows our clients to make informed and effective decisions regarding financial matters. Major topics includes: money management, budgeting, planning and prioritizing, saving and income generation.

Health: Through education, community mobilization and awareness programs, we are determined to reduce preventable diseases such HIV/AIDS, Malaria, common childhood illness, and other hygiene related ailments. With improved hygiene and sanitation, the effect of numerous illnesses can be decreased significantly. African Aid Initiative promotes family planning and child spacing to encourage breastfeeding and devalue bottle-feeding.


Youth and Sport: we promote sports to minimize youth vulnerabilities and addiction to drugs. African Aid Initiative anticipates establishing vocational programs that provide career guidance and apprenticeship that provides new skills. We committed to preventing, and educating about juvenile labor and child soldier and fundamentalism. We do these by educating the youth about good governance and democracy.

Female Genital Mutilation and Gender Based Violence Project. These are sensitive topics and approximately 95% of females in the IDPs camps and whole Somalia face genital mutilation and gender based voilence.FGM procedure is customary in many east African communities. Considering the magnitude of FGM and GBV, African Aid Initiative recognizes these practices as social injustice. We determined to continue giving voice to the voiceless (freedom of speech), by promoting freedom of choice for women and equal treatment for all women regardless of their race, tribe, or creed. We sought to influence parents to protect their daughters from unnecessary pain, suffering, and death. African Aid Initiative fosters gender equality and women empowerments.